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No questions this time. Of course, it's more important to communicate in a cheerful and positive way than to worry too much about little grammar slips but can you spot any here? Not too many, I think.


Well...! Here are the boys I teach letting their hair down to 'In Town'...

If you feel like joining in, the lyrics are

In town, we buy candy
In town, we get haircuts
In town, we mail letters
In town, we shop for shoes
In town, we borrow books
In town, we go to a movie
In town, we visit a museum
In town, we eat at a restaurant

You can also hear an easy to catch version of this song which is from the Potato Pals series


More of this on http://potatopals.blogspot.com/


No questions this time. How many of these jokes you can 'get'? Good luck!


1. What type of a book is Patrick recommending?
2. Who did Patrick tell the lies to?
3. Why should kids worry about drinking milk?
4. How can kids play a film about cows?
5. What is a tomato?
6. When was the can opener invented?
7. What percentage of fishes are afraid of water?
8. What do people do with the old suns?
9. How can you make a chicken?
10. Which well-known people recommended this book?



1. What is Patrick's mother's hobby?
2. What is Yuko's hobby?
3. What was Sara's father's name?
4. What is Carolyn's brother's name?
5. What 3 things does Ami believe in?
6. What does Patrick like to do with his friends?
7. What 4 things are Patrick scared of?
8. Do Patrick's old students always greet him when they meet by chance?
9. What is the URL of Patrick's blog?
10. What is in Patrick's suitcase?


1. How is Patrick spending lots of time during his holidays?
2. What are Patrick's children's names and ages?
3. Who invited Patrick's family to go to a movie?
4. Why was Wilbur worried?
5. How did Charlotte the spider help Wilbur?
6. What did Wilbur win?
7. Kai said "Don't you ....."
8. What did they do after the film?
9. Why was this a terrible thing to do?
10. What do pigs say?


The background to those catchy tunes. Thanks Brian! Find out more on http://potatopals.blogspot.com/


This is the song "At School" from Potato Pals Series 1
The pictures are
a. My rough drawings which were magicked into
b. Rie Kimura's beautiful finished potatoes
The music is by Brian Cullen who I didn't have lunch with on Tuesday.
The photo is not at school...it's in the pub!


 This is a song from the Potato Pals series which I wrote a couple of years ago for young learners. The music is by my friend Brian Cullen, a fellow Irishman living in Nagoya. The pictures are of my daughter,Ami. There are no questions this week! You can find out more about Potato Pals on my blog at potatopals.blogspot.com


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